Podiatry/chiropody treatments are available to
help take care of your feet.

Nail care can be difficult, especially if you have
ingrown toenails or thickened nails - but this is
when a podiatrist/chiropodist can be of

As well as nail care, there are other areas that
I can help with:

Hard skin/callus and cornsVerrucaProviding orthotics/insoles if requiredFootwear adviceFoot health adviceFoot assessments for DiabetesWithin the clinic, there are a range of materials,
paddings, gels and insoles that we can use to find
what works best for you.

Why not treat someone to a 
podiatry/chiropody treatment? Gift vouchers
are available.  At L.A McGuire Podiatry &
Reflexology, gift vouchers have no expiry so
no need to worry about a time limit.

Any questions? You can contact us on:
0141 357 0758                                             07754079504